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This list of fun holidays may give some inspiration for a unique gift, and great for trivia buffs. Did you know?

fun holidays trivia

Fun, Wacky & Trivial Holidays

Fun Holidays – Full Year
DateWeekdayHoliday name
Jan 1WednesdayPolar Bear Plunge Day
Jan 2ThursdayBuffet Day
Jan 2ThursdayRun It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day
Jan 2ThursdayScience Fiction Day
Jan 3FridayFruitcake Toss Day
Jan 3FridayFestival of Sleep Day
Jan 4SaturdayTrivia Day
Jan 5SundayBird Day
Jan 6MondayBean Day
Jan 7TuesdayOld Rock Day
Jan 8WednesdayEarth’s Rotation Day
Jan 9ThursdayStatic Electricity Day
Jan 9ThursdayWord Nerd Day
Jan 10FridayCut Your Energy Costs Day
Jan 11SaturdayLearn Your Name in Morse Code Day
Jan 12SundayMarzipan Day
Jan 13MondayClean Off Your Desk Day
Jan 13MondayMake Your Dreams Come True Day
Jan 14TuesdayOrganize Your Home Day
Jan 15WednesdayStrawberry Ice Cream Day
Jan 15WednesdayBagel and Lox Day
Jan 16ThursdayNothing Day
Jan 17FridayBenjamin Franklin Day
Jan 17FridayKid Inventors’ Day
Jan 17FridayDitch New Year’s Resolution Day
Jan 18SaturdaySoup Swap Day
Jan 18SaturdayThesaurus Day
Jan 19SundayTin Can Day
Jan 19SundayPopcorn Day
Jan 20MondayPenguin Awareness Day
Jan 21TuesdaySquirrel Appreciation Day
Jan 22WednesdayHot Sauce Day
Jan 22WednesdayAnswer Your Cat’s Questions Day
Jan 23ThursdayHandwriting Day
Jan 24FridayCompliment Day
Jan 24FridayMacintosh Computer Day
Jan 25SaturdayOpposite Day
Jan 26SundaySpouse’s Day
Jan 27MondayChocolate Cake Day
Jan 27Mondaye-Day
Jan 28TuesdayData Privacy Day
Jan 28TuesdayFun at Work Day
Jan 29WednesdayPuzzle Day
Jan 30ThursdayCroissant Day
Jan 31FridayBackwards Day
Feb 1SaturdayEat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
Feb 2SundayDay of the Crêpe
Feb 2SundayPlay Your Ukulele Day
Feb 3MondayCarrot Cake Day
Feb 4TuesdayThank Your Mailman Day
Feb 4TuesdayCreate a Vacuum Day
Feb 4TuesdayStuffed Mushroom Day
Feb 5WednesdayNational Weatherperson’s Day
Feb 5WednesdayChocolate Fondue Day
Feb 6ThursdayLame Duck Day
Feb 7Fridaye-Day
Feb 7FridayWork Naked Day
Feb 7FridaySend a Card to a Friend Day
Feb 8SaturdayLaugh and Get Rich Day
Feb 9SundayToothache Day
Feb 9SundayBagel and Lox Day
Feb 10MondayUmbrella Day
Feb 10MondayClean Out Your Computer Day
Feb 11TuesdayMake a Friend Day
Feb 11TuesdayDon’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
Feb 12WednesdayDarwin Day
Feb 13ThursdayWorld Radio Day
Feb 14FridayFerris Wheel Day
Feb 14FridayLibrary Lovers Day
Feb 15SaturdayGumdrop Day
Feb 16SundayDo a Grouch a Favor Day
Feb 17MondayRandom Act of Kindness Day
Feb 18TuesdayBattery Day
Feb 19WednesdayChocolate Mint Day
Feb 22SaturdaySingle Tasking Day
Feb 22SaturdayBe Humble Day
Feb 22SaturdayWorld Sword Swallowers Day
Feb 23SundayInternational Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Feb 24MondayTortilla Chip Day
Feb 26WednesdayPistachio Day
Feb 26WednesdayTell a Fairy Tale Day
Feb 27ThursdayInternational Polar Bear Day
Feb 27ThursdayNo Brainer Day
Feb 28FridayPublic Sleeping Day
Mar 1SundayWorld Compliment Day
Mar 1SundayPlan a Solo Vacation Day
Mar 2MondayOld Stuff Day
Mar 3TuesdayI Want You to be Happy Day
Mar 4WednesdayMarch Forth and Do Something Day
Mar 5ThursdayLearn What Your Name Means Day
Mar 5ThursdayCinco de Marcho
Mar 6FridayDentist’s Day
Mar 7SaturdayAlexander Graham Bell Day
Mar 8SundayProofreading Day
Mar 9MondayNapping Day
Mar 10TuesdayMario Day
Mar 11WednesdayOatmeal Nut Waffle Day
Mar 12ThursdayAlfred Hitchcock Day
Mar 13FridayJewel Day
Mar 14SaturdayPi Day
Mar 15SundayEverything You Think is Wrong Day
Mar 16MondayEvery Thing You Do is Right Day
Mar 17TuesdaySubmarine Day
Mar 18WednesdayAwkward Moments Day
Mar 19ThursdayAbsolutely Incredible Kid Day
Mar 19ThursdayLet’s Laugh Day
Mar 20FridayWorld Storytelling Day
Mar 20FridayProposal Day
Mar 21SaturdayCommon Courtesy Day
Mar 22SundayInternational Goof Off Day
Mar 23MondayPuppy Day
Mar 23MondayNear Miss Day
Mar 24TuesdayChocolate Covered Raisins Day
Mar 25WednesdayWaffle Day
Mar 25WednesdayTolkien Reading Day
Mar 26ThursdayMake Up Your Own Holiday Day
Mar 27FridaySpanish Paella Day
Mar 28SaturdaySomething on a Stick Day
Mar 29SundaySmoke and Mirrors Day
Mar 30MondayTake a Walk in the Park Day
Mar 31TuesdayBunsen Burner Day
Apr 1WednesdayFun at Work Day
Apr 3FridayWorld Party Day
Apr 3FridayWalk to Work Day
Apr 4SaturdayTell a Lie Day
Apr 5SundayRead a Road Map Day
Apr 5SundayFirst Contact Day
Apr 6MondaySorry Charlie Day
Apr 10FridaySiblings Day
Apr 11SaturdaySubmarine Day
Apr 11SaturdayBarbershop Quartet Day
Apr 12SundayGrilled Cheese Day
Apr 12SundayYuri’s Night
Apr 13MondayScrabble Day
Apr 14TuesdayBe Kind to Lawyers Day
Apr 14TuesdayInternational Moment of Laughter Day
Apr 14TuesdayReach as High as You Can Day
Apr 14TuesdayLook up the Sky Day
Apr 16ThursdayEggs Benedict Day
Apr 16ThursdayWear Pajamas to Work Day
Apr 17FridayHaiku Poetry Day
Apr 18SaturdayColumnist Day
Apr 20MondayLook Alike Day
Apr 22WednesdayJelly Bean Day
Apr 23ThursdayTake a Chance Day
Apr 23ThursdayImpossible Astronaut Day
Apr 23ThursdayLover’s Day
Apr 23ThursdayTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Apr 25SaturdayDNA Day
Apr 26SundayPretzel Day
Apr 26SundayRichter Scale Day
Apr 26SundayWorld Pinhole Photography Day
Apr 29WednesdayZipper Day
Apr 30ThursdayHonesty Day
May 1FridayBatman Day
May 1FridayNo Pants Day
May 1FridaySpace Day
May 2SaturdayAstronomy Day
May 2SaturdayHerb Day
May 2SaturdayFree Comic Book Day
May 4MondayStar Wars Day
May 6WednesdayBeverage Day
May 6WednesdayNational School Nurse Day
May 9SaturdayEurope Day
May 9SaturdayLost Sock Memorial Day
May 10SundayClean Up Your Room Day
May 11MondayTwilight Zone Day
May 11MondayEat What You Want Day
May 12TuesdayLimerick Day
May 13WednesdayFrog Jumping Day
May 14ThursdayDance Like a Chicken Day
May 15FridayChocolate Chip Day
May 15FridayPizza Party Day
May 17SundayPack Rat Day
May 18MondayNo Dirty Dishes Day
May 19TuesdayMay Ray Day
May 20WednesdayBe a Millionaire Day
May 21ThursdayTalk Like Yoda Day
May 22FridayBuy a Musical Instrument Day
May 24SundayScavenger Hunt Day
May 25MondaySing Out Day
May 25MondayTowel Day
May 26TuesdayWorld Lindy Hop Day
May 27WednesdaySun Screen Day
May 28ThursdayHamburger Day
May 29FridayPut a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
May 30SaturdayMy Bucket’s Got a Hole Day
May 31SundayMacaroon Day
Jun 1MondaySay Something Nice Day
Jun 2TuesdayLeave the Office Early Day
Jun 3WednesdayRepeat Day
Jun 4ThursdayHug Your Cat Day
Jun 5FridayNational Doughnut Day
Jun 6SaturdayDrive-In Movie Day
Jun 7SundayVCR Day
Jun 8MondayBest Friends Day
Jun 9TuesdayDonald Duck Day
Jun 10WednesdayIced Tea Day
Jun 11ThursdayCorn on the Cob Day
Jun 12FridayRed Rose Day
Jun 13SaturdaySewing Machine Day
Jun 14SundayBourbon Day
Jun 15MondayNature Photography Day
Jun 16TuesdayBloomsday
Jun 17WednesdayEat Your Vegetables Day
Jun 18ThursdayInternational Picnic Day
Jun 18ThursdayInternational Panic Day
Jun 19FridaySauntering Day
Jun 20SaturdayWorld Juggling Day
Jun 21SundayDaylight Appreciation Day
Jun 22MondayOnion Ring Day
Jun 23TuesdayTypewriter Day
Jun 24WednesdaySwim a Lap Day
Jun 25ThursdayPlease Take my Children to Work Day
Jun 26FridayTake Your Dog to Work Day
Jun 26FridayChocolate Pudding Day
Jun 27SaturdayHelen Keller Day
Jun 28SundayTau Day
Jun 29MondayCamera Day
Jun 30TuesdayMeteor Watch Day
Jul 1WednesdayInternational Joke Day
Jul 2ThursdayI Forgot Day
Jul 2ThursdayWorld UFO Day
Jul 3FridayCompliment Your Mirror Day
Jul 3FridayInternational Plastic Bag Free Day
Jul 4SaturdaySidewalk Egg Frying Day
Jul 5SundayWorkaholics Day
Jul 6MondayWorld Kissing Day
Jul 7TuesdayTell the Truth Day
Jul 8WednesdayVideo Games Day
Jul 8WednesdayMath 2.0 Day
Jul 9ThursdaySugar Cookie Day
Jul 10FridayTeddy Bears’ Picnic Day
Jul 10FridayClerihew Day
Jul 11SaturdayCheer Up the Lonely Day
Jul 12SundaySimplicity Day
Jul 13MondayEmbrace Your Geekness Day
Jul 14TuesdayPandemonium Day
Jul 15WednesdayGummi Worm Day
Jul 16ThursdayCorn Fritters Day
Jul 17FridayYellow Pig Day
Jul 17FridayWorld Emoji Day
Jul 18SaturdayInsurance Nerd Day
Jul 18SaturdayCaviar Day
Jul 19SundayStick Out Your Tongue Day
Jul 19SundayIce Cream Day
Jul 20MondaySpace Exploration Day
Jul 21TuesdayJunk Food Day
Jul 22WednesdayPi Approximation Day
Jul 23ThursdayVanilla Ice Cream Day
Jul 24FridayCousins Day
Jul 25SaturdayCulinarians Day
Jul 26SundayUncle and Aunt Day
Jul 27MondayTake your Pants for a Walk Day
Jul 28TuesdayMilk Chocolate Day
Jul 29WednesdayLasagna Day
Jul 30ThursdayNational Cheesecake Day
Jul 31FridayUncommon Musical Instrument Day
Aug 1SaturdayGirlfriend’s Day
Aug 2SundayIce Cream Sandwich Day
Aug 2SundaySisters’ Day
Aug 3MondayWatermelon Day
Aug 4TuesdaySingle Working Women’s Day
Aug 5WednesdayWork Like a Dog Day
Aug 6ThursdayFresh Breath Day
Aug 7FridayLighthouse Day
Aug 7FridayInternational Beer Day
Aug 8SaturdayHappiness Happens Day
Aug 9SundayBook Lovers Day
Aug 10MondayLazy Day
Aug 11TuesdaySon and Daughter Day
Aug 12WednesdayMiddle Child Day
Aug 13ThursdayLeft-Handers Day
Aug 14FridayCreamsicle Day
Aug 15SaturdayRelaxation Day
Aug 16SundayTell a Joke Day
Aug 17MondayThrift Shop Day
Aug 18TuesdayMail Order Catalog Day
Aug 19WednesdayWorld Photo Day
Aug 20ThursdayChocolate Pecan Pie Day
Aug 21FridaySpumoni Day
Aug 22SaturdayBe An Angel Day
Aug 23SundayRide Like the Wind Day
Aug 24MondayPluto Demoted Day
Aug 25TuesdayKiss and Make up Day
Aug 26WednesdayDog Appreciation Day
Aug 27ThursdayThe Duchess Who Wasn’t Day
Aug 28FridayBow Tie Day
Aug 29SaturdayAccording to Hoyle Day
Aug 30SundayFrankenstein Day
Aug 31MondayEat Outside Day
Sep 1TuesdayEmma Nutt Day
Sep 1TuesdayNo Rhyme or Reason Day
Sep 2WednesdayBison Ten Yell Day
Sep 3ThursdaySkyscraper Day
Sep 4FridayEat an Extra Dessert Day
Sep 5SaturdayBe Late for Something Day
Sep 5SaturdayCheese Pizza Day
Sep 6SundayFight Procrastination Day
Sep 6SundayRead a Book Day
Sep 7MondaySalami Day
Sep 8TuesdayPardon Day
Sep 9WednesdayTeddy Bear Day
Sep 10ThursdaySwap Ideas Day
Sep 11FridayMake Your Bed Day
Sep 12SaturdayChocolate Milkshake Day
Sep 13SundayPositive Thinking Day
Sep 13SundayRoald Dahl Day
Sep 14MondayHug Your Hound Day
Sep 15TuesdayMake a Hat Day
Sep 16WednesdayCollect Rocks Day
Sep 16WednesdayGuacamole Day
Sep 17ThursdayInternational Country Music Day
Sep 18FridayRice Krispie Treat Day
Sep 19SaturdayNational CleanUp Day
Sep 19SaturdayNational Gymnastics Day
Sep 19SaturdayInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sep 20SundayPunch Day
Sep 21MondayMiniature Golf Day
Sep 22TuesdayHobbit Day
Sep 23WednesdayCheckers Day
Sep 24ThursdayPunctuation Day
Sep 25FridayComic Book Day
Sep 26SaturdayAstronomy Day
Sep 26SaturdayLove Note Day
Sep 27SundayCrush a Can Day
Sep 28MondayAsk a Stupid Question Day
Sep 28MondayGood Neighbor Day
Sep 30WednesdayHot Mulled Cider Day
Oct 1ThursdayInternational Coffee Day
Oct 1ThursdayBalloons Around the World Day
Oct 2FridayWorld Smile Day
Oct 2FridayPhileas Fogg Wager Day
Oct 3SaturdayCard Making Day
Oct 4SundayTaco Day
Oct 5MondayChic Spy Day
Oct 6TuesdayMad Hatter Day
Oct 7WednesdayFrappé Day
Oct 8ThursdayPierogi Day
Oct 9FridayCurious Events Day
Oct 10SaturdayHandbag Day
Oct 11SundayIt’s My Party Day
Oct 12MondayOld Farmers Day
Oct 13TuesdayInternational Skeptics Day
Oct 13TuesdayAda Lovelace Day
Oct 15ThursdayI Love Lucy Day
Oct 16FridayDictionary Day
Oct 17SaturdaySweetest Day
Oct 17SaturdayWear Something Gaudy Day
Oct 18SundayChocolate Cupcake Day
Oct 19MondayNational Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day
Oct 20TuesdayInternational Sloth Day
Oct 21WednesdayCount your Buttons Day
Oct 22ThursdayCaps Lock Day
Oct 23FridayMole Day
Oct 24SaturdayBologna Day
Oct 25SundaySourest Day
Oct 26MondayHowl at the Moon Day and Night
Oct 27TuesdayAmerican Beer Day
Oct 28WednesdayInternational Animation Day
Oct 29ThursdayInternet Day
Oct 30FridayCandy Corn Day
Oct 31SaturdayMagic Day
Nov 1SundayAuthor’s Day
Nov 1SundayZero Tasking Day
Nov 2MondayDeviled Eggs Day
Nov 3TuesdaySandwich Day
Nov 4WednesdayCommon Sense Day
Nov 5ThursdayMen Make Dinner Day
Nov 5ThursdayInternational Stout Day
Nov 6FridaySaxophone Day
Nov 7SaturdayBittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
Nov 8SundayTongue Twister Day
Nov 9MondayChaos Never Dies Day
Nov 10TuesdayForget Me Not Day
Nov 10TuesdayVanilla Cupcake Day
Nov 11WednesdayOrigami Day
Nov 12ThursdayHappy Hour Day
Nov 13FridayWorld Kindness Day
Nov 13FridaySadie Hawkins Day
Nov 14SaturdaySpicy Guacamole Day
Nov 14SaturdayPickle Day
Nov 15SundayClean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Nov 16MondayFast Food Day
Nov 17TuesdayTake A Hike Day
Nov 18WednesdayPush Button Phone Day
Nov 19ThursdayUse Less Stuff Day
Nov 20FridayNational Absurdity Day
Nov 21SaturdayWorld Hello Day
Nov 22SundayGo For a Ride Day
Nov 23MondayFibonacci Day
Nov 24TuesdayCelebrate Your Unique Talent Day
Nov 25WednesdayShopping Reminder Day
Nov 26ThursdayCake Day
Nov 27FridayBuy Nothing Day
Nov 28SaturdayRed Planet Day
Nov 29SundayElectronic Greeting Card Day
Nov 30MondayComputer Security Day
Dec 1TuesdayEat a Red Apple Day
Dec 2WednesdayFritters Day
Dec 3ThursdayMake a Gift Day
Dec 4FridayWear Brown Shoes Day
Dec 5SaturdayDay of the Ninja
Dec 6SundayPut on Your Own Shoes Day
Dec 6SundayMicrowave Oven Day
Dec 7MondayLetter Writing Day
Dec 8TuesdayPretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
Dec 9WednesdayChristmas Card Day
Dec 10ThursdayDewey Decimal System Day
Dec 10ThursdayJane Addams Day
Dec 11FridayNoodle Ring Day
Dec 11FridayOfficial Lost and Found Day
Dec 12SaturdayGingerbread House Day
Dec 14MondayMonkey Day
Dec 16WednesdayPythagorean Theorem Day
Dec 16WednesdayChocolate Covered Anything Day
Dec 17ThursdayWright Brothers Day
Dec 18FridayUnderdog Day
Dec 18FridayUgly Sweater Day
Dec 20SundaySangria Day
Dec 21MondayInternational Dalek Remembrance Day
Dec 22TuesdayDate Nut Bread Day
Dec 23WednesdayFestivus
Dec 24ThursdayEggnog Day
Dec 25FridayGrav Mass Day
Dec 25FridayA’phabet Day or No “L” Day
Dec 26SaturdayThank You Note Day
Dec 27SundayNo Interruptions Day
Dec 28MondayCard Playing Day
Dec 29TuesdayPepper Pot Day
Dec 30WednesdayBicarbonate of Soda Day
Dec 31ThursdayMake Up Your Mind Day


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The Real History of Mother’s Day

Quiz: Mother’s Day began when?

A. In 1858, when Ann Jarvis, a young Appalachian homemaker, organized “Mother’s Work Days” to improve the sanitation and avert deaths from disease-bearing insects and seepage of polluted water.

B. In 1872, when Boston poet, pacifist and women’s suffragist Julia Ward Howe established a special day for mothers –and for peace– not long after the bloody Franco-Prussian War.

C. In 1905, when Ann Jarvis died. Her daughter, Anna, decided to memorialize her mother’s lifelong activism, and began a campaign that culminated in 1914 when Congress passed a Mother’s Day resolution.

The correct answer: All of the above.

Moms didn’t come up with Mother’s Day as an easy way to get pancakes in bed. And despite how it seems, card companies didn’t invent it as a way to make a few (billion) bucks.

There’s more to the history of Mother’s Day than meets the eye. In addition to the history of the holiday, there’s a whole lot of controversy. There are debates about who came up with the holiday first and lawsuits about who can use the name “Mother’s Day.” One of the founders tried to get the holiday scratched from the books, even after fighting to get it recognized as a national day. Besides all that, there’s the question of where that pesky apostrophe goes.

Here are the secrets of Mother’s Day and its history. And, for good measure, a few ideas on how to celebrate your own mom on the second Sunday of May.

The Birth of Mother’s Day

The origin of Mother’s Day, as we know it, took place in the early 1900’s. A woman named Anna Jarvis started a campaign for an official holiday honoring mothers in 1905, the year her own mother died. The first larger-scale celebration of the holiday was in 1908, when Jarvis held a public memorial for her mother in her hometown of Grafton, West Virginia.

Over the next few years, Jarvis pushed to have the holiday officially recognized, and it was celebrated increasingly in more and more states around the U.S. Finally, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation making Mother’s Day an official holiday, to take place the second Sunday of May.

Anna Jarvis put Mother’s Day on the calendar as a day dedicated to expressing love and gratitude to mothers, acknowledging the sacrifices women make for their children. That’s why she was determined to keep “Mother’s” a singular possessive, as marked by the apostrophe before “s.” Each family should celebrate its own mother, so that individual women across the country could feel the love, even in the midst of a broad celebration of motherhood.

Other Mother’s Days

Before Anna Jarvis worked to get a day just for recognizing mothers, her own mom played an important role uniting women for good causes. Mama Jarvis—also known as Ann Reeves Jarvis—cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the field during the Civil War, and in its aftermath she organized a “Mothers’ Friendship Day,” the goal of which was to foster reconciliation between former Union and Confederate soldiers by having them come together, along with mothers from both sides. With the senior Jarvis’ lifelong focus on caring for children and promoting peace, it’s no wonder her daughter fought for a day just for moms.

At around the same time Ann Reeves Jarvis was working with mothers in the spirit of peace, Julia Ward Howe, another activist—as well as abolitionist and suffragette—worked to have June 2 be celebrated as “Mother’s Peace Day,” and wrote a “Mother’s Day Proclamation” calling on mothers to work toward world peace.

These women and others were responsible for precursors to Mother’s Day in American culture, but celebrations of motherhood go back deeper than that. Such celebrations sometimes involved worship of a mother deity, such as the Goddess Isis in Ancient Egypt, or Cybele and Rhea in Ancient Greece. In other cases, celebrations were only tangentially about mothers: Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom, for example, was originally dedicated to the “Mother Church,” but was later broadened to honor human mothers, too.

Around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated in a variety of ways and on different dates throughout the year, though many countries observe the holiday on the same day as the United States—proof of the powerful impact made by Anna Jarvis.

The Mother’s Day Controversy

Even after Anna Jarvis was successful in getting Mother’s Day made an official national holiday, she wasn’t satisfied with the way that holiday was celebrated. She had teamed up with florists while she was lobbying to get the holiday recognized, even recommending a white carnation as the symbolic flower of Mother’s Day.

However, in the first few years of the holiday’s official existence, Jarvis observed as florists, candy-makers and card-makers, and even charities used Mother’s Day as a way to make an extra buck. The commercialization of Mother’s Day, according to Jarvis, defeated the whole point of a holiday that was supposed to be about celebrating the personal, individual connection between a mother and her children.

From about 1920 onward, Jarvis fought hard to prevent businesses from profiting by means of Mother’s Day cards, candy, flowers, and other gifts. Although she had fought to be recognized as the one and only “Mother of Mother’s Day,” she later lobbied to have the holiday removed from the calendar of national holidays, and spent piles of her own money in lawsuits against profiteers she saw as using the Mother’s Day name in vain.

The Commercialization of Mother’s Day

Did Anna Jarvis have success getting people to cut down on the consumerism? If you’re considering buying your mother a card or a bouquet of flowers, you’ve got your answer.

The National Retail Federation does a yearly survey to find out how much Americans are planning on spending for Mother’s Day. Here’s a hint: most people aren’t busting out the crayons to make a homemade card.

In 2017, the expected total spending for Mother’s Day in the United States is $23.6 billion. That’s an average of $186.39 per shopper. In the fourteen years the National Retail Federation has conducted the Mother’s Day spending survey, that’s the highest amount yet.

But don’t feel bad if you’re not planning on forking up quite so much. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Mom without emptying your wallet. It’s all about making it special.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Today

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– Jill Churchill


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