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Covid-19 and Return to Creativity”

Return of the Soul

As many of us have noticed, sheltering in place and spending more time at home has forced or spurred us to seek out new interests or activities. Perhaps returning to or rediscovering long forgotten hobbies or returning to simpler things we use to do when we had more time. For the majority of population the the past few months has silently reawakened this need in us. Why the unexplained emptiness we feel endlessly passing digital messages back and forth and talking to each other over video screens, we’re simply not wired for this as a species. We are trying to figure out what the reset button should look like.

The way we live will take on a new appearance. Our home environment becoming of great importance. We now have more hours in a day by not having to commute. Gaining even more time no longer running from store to store for groceries and other basic needs. These will be purchased online and delivered to our doors. These are subtle changes but with it bring a new opportunity to reinvent our lives.

I don’t think it will come easy. We will need to reevaluate the way we spend our time. I came across this comment of human beings by Cal Newport, “Individuals have become human network routers”. That’s a little scary! I choose to believe the return of creativity will see a rebirth because of the absence of feelings that make us human. Creativity needs quiet time to flourish and this pandemic has forced, yes, forced us to slow down tapping into energy we all have to be creative. Creativity often came out of necessity, though that will never go away, we now have so much more available to use our imaginations in ways we never did before.

Because of what we are experiencing there is a noticeable return to doing things that give us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Do-it-yourself projects have returned with enthusiasm and with online shopping people can now show off their products to the world! The small business owner is taking on a new look. Brick and mortar stores will never completely disappear(although who knows what the future holds) but there will fewer of them. Online stores will explode.

If you are anything like me, I will endlessly search for that certain item for myself or to give as a gift. During these exceptional times,whether you choose to be the consumer, maker of a product or service these are exceptional times for us to recreate ourselve! I can speak only for myself, but it has been very exciting and personally rewarding for me to get back to being creative. For me it has evolved into creating a line of products to present to the world. I found two quotes that back up my observation.

The first by Cal Newport in his blog writes: “There’s great fulfillment in applying skill to slowly create something useful that didn’t previously exist — a reaction that’s likely embedded in our genes” .

The second by Matt Crawford in his book Shop Class as Soulcraft writes: “The satisfactions of manifesting oneself concretely in the world through manual competence have been known to make a man quiet and easy.”

Let me know your thoughts, comments or ideas!

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