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Throughout the whole year…

I look for ornaments that will remind me of a special occasion or event from that year to add to my growing collection from years gone by. As we gather around the tree, it’s a special way to recall past Christmases. Reminiscing with each treasure we carefully hang on the tree. I anxiously await the time when the tree is up and standing bare to be decorated. 

After I had a family, I started a tradition and purchased the same ornament for each child in the family. When it came time for them to move out and they would put up their own tree, we would each be able to adore our trees with the identical collection. To remember special times in their life’s and special people.

I know people who put up not one but two or three trees each year. One tree might have a special theme.  Some examples are angel trees or one person I know loves coffee and has a small tree with unique ornaments some of them even containing real coffee beans!

This year is especially historic with living through a World Wide Pandemic. My children, grandchildren, family and friends will each be getting an ornament to recall this unprecedented time in their lives.

For any family and friends who are Front Line Heroes, they will receive one of these in honor of their service during this historic time in history.

I always wondered why I ended up designing and making ornaments.  I think it is because of the memories of unpacking the boxes and taking out each ornament one by one and remembering the occasion associated with it. It’s a special experience that makes the holidays more memorable.

What about you, do you collect ornaments? If so, which is your favorite?

“Bella House Creations” is a continuing creative venture to bring unique and special additions to this cherished traditional. Please visit my website for unique designs that can hang on your tree!

I am always open to suggestions. So please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts and suggestions.

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